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About the Journal

The Bulletin of Physics Projects (BPP) is an online annual journal published by the Department of Physics with a view of providing a platform to encourage young students studying Physics in different colleges and Universities in Assam, India to publish their experimental and theoretical project works in the form of full papers. The journal encourages contribution from students who are currently pursuing their graduation in Physics or are currently studying for a post-graduate degree in Physics to compile their project works in the form of full papers and get it published. The aim of this journal is to develop the scientific writing skill of budding physicists and to encourage them to involve themselves in active Physics research in the near future. This journal shall provide opportunity to faculty members and students of different educational institutes of Assam to publish their innovative project works. It is, however, not necessary that the work should be of a very high intellectual level or for that matter totally novel. This journal shall primarily focus on the publication of innovative project works carried out by young students. This journal shall also publish articles invited from eminent scientists and faculties working in the field of physics in this region as featured articles to share their research with the budding physicists and motivate the young talents to take up a career in the forefront areas of scientific research.

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