Department of Physics
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Guwahati - 781007, Assam, INDIA          

Instructions to Authors

  1. The manuscripts must be written in MS Word 2007 or higher version. We are providing a template, which the authors can download and write their manuscript in the template itself. Click here to download the template
  2. The authors should provide an appropriate and short title to their manuscript which justifies the work carried out by them.
  3. The authors should prepare a short concise and appropriate abstract within 200 words to explain the main features of the work carried out by them.
  4. The figures and tables must be embedded in the manuscript itself. It is advisable that the authors should also provide us the figures separately in jpeg, bmp or png format. The size of each figure should not exceed 2 MB.
  5. The authors need not to pay any fee for publishing their articles in this journal. However, it must be noted that this is a peer reviewed journal and mere submission of an article does not guarantee that it will be published.

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